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Lakis Gavalas and his team made their own miracle once again!!

The new .LAK collection was inspired by a total athletic spirit.  .LAK focused on a sporty-chic   style for the new season on the fashion show for spring/summer 2011.

T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, miniskirts, jeans and lightweight fabrics had a leading role at the show.

Sports  like football, tennis, golf, football, ping pong , rugby, inspired Laki Gavala and his whole team to create the new .LAK collection.

40 models, dressed up with casual, sport clothes, having amazing haircuts and a fabulous make up by  the creative director of Shiseido, Mano Virihaki, walked at the catwalk and impressed us.
The guest of the show was the Olympic athlete Fani Halkia. She showed up at the catwalk twice and she looked amazing even though she is not a model.

Lots of celebrities attended the event and impressed us with their  stylistic choices.

.LAK sponsored by Nivea and Shiseido cosmetics, gave us a wonderful time and amazing gifts like creams, lipsticks, and other cosmetic products for men and women.


That was our VIP pass for the show. Really an original idea and we certainly can understand  that Nivea was the main sponsor of the event.

Every sit had this bag, which contained our gifts.:)

 These are the gifts that my own bag had on it.

Cisse was also there!!!!!!!! Evelina, that picture is only for you!!:P i know you love him! Who doesn't anyway?:)<3

Enjoy the show and feel as if you where there..!!

1) Fani Halkia showed 2 times at the show. The first at the beggining and  then in the middle of the show.take a look:


2) These are some snapshots from the .LAK spring/summer 2011 show:


3)At the end, the models walked the catwalk with a sport outfit, and that's how the show ended.

 Hope you enjoyed the show, sorry about the videos and their quality but my pictures were awful.
xoxo, Fashion Girls<3 <3

Πέμπτη, 10 Μαρτίου 2011


Certainly all of them look amazing on and off the record!! Models have style, attitude, pretty faces and they look stunning no matter what!! sooo, enjoy them!!!:):)

xo,xo fashion girls!! <3 <3

Τετάρτη, 9 Μαρτίου 2011

VICTORIA BECKHAM is not afraid of heights!!

Victoria Bechkam in cooperation with the brand Range Rover, helped about a year ago launching the model of the famous brand, Evoque. 
That collaboration went really well, so today the-pregnant- Victoria Bechkam is ready to re-cooperate with Range Rover for the design the newest collection of the car brand. 
So she went to London to talk about the new design theme of the collection.

Victoria Bechkam was spotted at Heathrow airport of London wearing an amazing airport-chic outfit.

Even though she is pregnant, she doesn't look like she gained pounds. She only gained 2,3 kilos till today, and she looks amazing.

Despite her condition, she dares to wear her amazing high heeled, over-the-knee, black  boots designed by Brian Atwood RZ.

That pair of boots was the result of the collaboration between Rachel Zoe with the designer Brian Atwood. And the reason of that collaboration was the celebration of the 1st season of the famous reality "The Zoe report".
Rachel Zoe, is a famous american fashion stylist. She knows everything about fashion, tips,and style.
She is the stylist to celebrity names such as: Cameron Diaz,Nicole Ritchie,Linday Lohan,Misha Barton...
She worked for the best fashion houses, celebrities, fashion magazines.
Now, she has her own reality show, in witch you can watch moments of her personal life,her work. You can also watch her,attending fashion shows, talking with designers.
She also have an amazing web site http://www.rachelzoe.com/  with cute fashion advices and fashion tips and trends.

Back again to Victoria Beckham, the rest outfit was completed by a back tuxedo, black mini dress, black tights and a fabulous black crocodile leather bag.

GOOD MORNIG sunshines!!! Hope i made your day!!!:):)

xo,xo fashion girl!!<3

Δευτέρα, 7 Μαρτίου 2011


Finally guys, a post dedicated to you!! Anyway it is known that women will be nothing without you.:P 
Nowadays, not only women use a bag to carry their personal stuff, men do to, be it for day-to-day use or for traveling. And that's why Louis Vuitton brand and Fashion Girls are here.
The most famous brand in this domain, Louis Vuitton, will give you some ideas about male bags.

The Damier Adventure bag is made of light nylon, which makes it so easy to carry, and comes in two colors to match your taste: galaxy black and celeste blue. 

 A weekend- travel bag which is simple on the one hand, but on the other hand it's classy and stylish.

Leather bags can always be an amazing option for male accessories.
Even though a leather bag can be more expensive than a nylon or a cloth bag, most of the time it worth that price.

Male bags can be easily combined with all types of outfits as you can see below.
If you like a formal more serious outfit or a casual more colorful outfit, a Louis Vuitton bag can always be combined.

Hope I helped you fashion boys! see you soon on an other "male post".
Till then, take care, and don't forget to follow our blog.

xo,xo Fashion Girls!:)

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Ok,Ok, every one can have a bad day, but what about bad stylistic choices??
If you are a celebrity, you have to take care of your external appearance no matter what, cause photographers and paparazzi always lurches.
Anyway, Celebrities aren't flawless, but they do make sometimes horrible stylistic choices, and we've seen lots of stylistic disasters by them.

So,celebrities watch out, cause  fashion police girls are here!!!

We are here to present some of their fashion disasters, wanting to warn you to avoid making the same mistakes.

 Uma Thurman in Christian Lacroix, Oscars 2004.
She certainly is a really beautiful woman, but she was thinking that she looked attractive with that dress??? I don't think so...

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein @ Oscars 2011, looking like disco diva.. I hated that golden one-piece dress. I personally believe that she looked like a golden fish..:s Sorry Gwyneth.!

Dear Rihanna... is this a casual outfit?!? Isn't this a colorful and with lots of accessories,without being combined well, outfit, or i am seriously bad today?!?

Fergie is such a sexy woman!! She can't be wearing that awful floral long..dress(?). She looks like a geisha and not like a sexy pop diva.!

Ok, i think that Eva Herzigova, forgot to put her dress on, looks like she is wearing her nice and comfortable night dress. Please, go to sleep and forget about fashion happenings.-.-

Taylor Momsen (Jenny from Gossip Girl), also forgot to put her clothes on. She looks like a drunk stripper. Poor Jenny...

Miley Curys... You got in a fight or something?!? What happened with her tights and her t-shirt??? I won't comment her purple boots... HORRIBLE outfit honey.!

Paris Hilton, yesss this is she!!! Not only i hate her dress, but she also gained pounds... isn't she?? look at her arms and legs!! People DO change!!

In the end i kept the most tragic celebrity of all!! Britneyyy!!! she used to be a pop idol, but look at her now...
Fisrst of all, she can't she that her clothes DO NOT FIT on her???? is she blind??? 
She never ceases to impress us.. look at her hair!!! Britney darling you hair needs some major work, i can tell...!!
General disaster big time!!!

At least you guys learn to look good in front of the camera, you never know who is going to gossip on you someday!!!

xo,xo BAD Fashion Girls!!<3

Πέμπτη, 3 Μαρτίου 2011

MULBERRY A/W11 fashion news!!

My favorite British fashion company, that posses a more romantic English style, have presented her new spring/autumn collection for 2011, on the 21st of February at the London fashion week.

The new collection it's more about British casual air. There are no excesses, no colorful outfits. It's more about monotone style of clothes without strict lines and patterns.

The colors that predominated in that collection was beige,  brown, black,and sometimes purple and turquoise.

Let's take a look..

We've seen, amazing skirts, romantic dresses, unbelievable coats and i also loved the boots.

I adore Mulberry clothes, but i never can resist to a Mulberry bag!!! They are really chic and  stylish at the same time!!

It's like we've been there, isn't it?!
I hope you liked it!

xo,xo  Fashion Girl.!:)

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